1. Abstract

The following set of Bylaws shall govern the operation of Boy Scout Troop 295, Cypress, Orange County, California in all matters of selection of adult leaders, collection of dues, disbursing of funds, insuring members of the Troop, scheduling of activities, accepting new members, dropping members who become inactive, termination for misconduct of leaders and boy scouts, setting requirements for activities, and effective limits of Bylaws. These Bylaws control operations of Troop 295 and are not intended to contradict or supersede any rules or regulations as set forth by the Boy Scouts of America or the local Council.For the purpose of these Bylaws, the word “parent” includes either parent(s), legal guardian(s), or foster parent(s).

2. Adult Leaders

The Troop’s chartering organization is the American Legion Post 295 located in Cypress CA. The chartering organization has selected a representative from its membership to be the active link between the Troop and Post 295. The chartered organization appoints the committee members. The chartered organization also selects the Scoutmaster. The Troop committee shall consist of at least three (3) adults who will govern operations of the Troop. This committee will then select one (1) of its own members to serve as Committee Chairperson, Secretary, and Treasurer. All others will serve as Committee Members at Large.The Scoutmaster will select one (1) or more Assistant Scoutmasters to assist in the operation of the Troop. Assistant Scoutmasters are required to attend Scout Adult Leader Training offered by the Orange County Council and other Councils at various times of the year. It is requested that at least one parent joint the committee and participate in its activities. All parents are encouraged to join the committee and actively participate in Troop events. All Adult Leaders will submit leader application forms and the committee may complete background checks. Youth Protection Training is mandatory for all registered adults.

3. Junior Leaders

The Patrol Leaders Council is to be made up of the Junior Assistant Scoutmaster (if position is filled), Instructors (if position(s) are filled), one Senior Patrol Leader, at least one Assistant Senior Patrol Leader and all Patrol Leaders (or their designate). The Senior Patrol Leader, Assistant Senior Patrol Leader, Patrol Leaders, Chaplain’s Aide, Scribe, Quartermaster, and Librarian are elected positions by the Troop. Patrol Leaders will then appoint Assistant Patrol Leaders from the top two (2) ranking boys assigned in their Patrol. These officers serve a two (2) month probationary period, receiving ongoing evaluation, and it then approved by the Scoutmaster, will serve up to an additional four (4) months. In the event of any vacancies, the Scoutmaster will appoint a boy to fill that vacancy for the remainder of the term. The Troop elections will occur at a Troop meeting not to exceed a six month period following the previous election. The Scoutmaster shall set the month of the elections not to be less than four (4) months unless special circumstances dictate a need for an earlier election. Any change in rank between elections shall not affect the right to hold office. The offices of Junior Assistant Scoutmaster and Instructors are to be filled by appointment by the Scoutmaster.Any Scout above the rank of First Class may hold a Den Chief position. Den Chief positions must be approved by the Scoutmaster as outlined in the Den Chief Training Manual #34450A with the Scout completing a Den Chief training program provided by registered and trained adult leaders in accordance with the guidelines outlined in the Den Chief Training Manual #34450A and its subsequent revisions. The Den Chief may lose the privilege of being a Den Chief if the Scout’s behavior does not meet the standards as identified in the Den Chief Training program.As identified in the Scout Handbook all elected positions and Den Chief positions held shall be used in the determination for Scout rank advancement as leadership positions.

4. Finances

Dues are to be paid at the first Troop meeting of the month. The rate is to be determined by the Troop Committee and is subject to change with a one month notification. No dues paid in advance shall be refunded unless a written request is made by the Scout. A one (1) month dues fee fill be retained as a processing charge. Any Scout who has been identified as being inactive must pay all dues in full upon return to the Troop by the first meeting of the month. An inactive scout is defined in section eight (8) of this document.The cost of Troop re-chartering will be taken into consideration when determining the monthly dues. The Troop shall pay the re-charter cost for those Scouts whose dues are current as determined by the Troop Committee Treasurer. Each Scout shall have an account in the Troop Treasury with funds specifically collected for re-chartering, summer camp, and other events that require a large amount of funds. In the event that there is more than one Scout from the same family in the Troop, and they do not want to receive more than one copy of Boy’s Life magazine, the Troop will apply the difference in cost of re-charter towards the re-charter of an adult in that family. New Scouts, joining the Troop shall pay the first year’s registration upon joining, prorated to coincide with the Troop re-charter.The funds collected from activities of the boys are to be turned over to the Troop Committee Treasurer. The Troop Treasury is to be controlled and accounted for by the Troop Committee Treasurer. These funds are to be placed in a local bank requiring two authorized signatures for withdrawal. Authorized signatories will be determined by the Troop Committee.Awards, Merit Badges, Rank Advancement Badges, Rank Pins, and other items deemed necessary for the Scouts at the Court of Honor are to be paid for from the Troop Treasury. The Scoutmaster may purchase any books on Scouting, Charts, Insignias, or current publications that are necessary for operating and conducting Troop activities. The Scoutmaster may not purchase equipment without prior approval of three (3) or more Troop Committee Members. The Scoutmaster may at any time pay or authorize for payment any registration or reservation fee necessary to hold a campsite or other camping facility for a Troop activity and be reimbursed from the Troop Treasury. The Troop Committee has set up three petty cash funds; one hundred dollars ($100.00) for the Scoutmaster, fifty dollars ($50.00) for the Troop Secretary, and an amount to be determined by a committee vote for awards and other necessary items to be purchased from the Orange County Council using the Troop account card held with the Orange County Council designated as “Eagle’s Nest”.The Troop shall maintain records of individual Scout’s accounts. Funds in Scout accounts shall be used for summer camp, Scout related activities, or the purchase of camping equipment or Scout uniforms. Funds cannot be used for the payment of dues. Receipts shall be presented to the Troop Committee for reimbursement. The Committee shall approve all purchases. In the event a Scout transfers to another Troop, a check will be drawn payable to the new Troop. If the Scout drops out, the funds will remain in the Troop Treasury and used by the Troop as needed.In the event a check is returned for insufficient funds, future payments must be in cash only for one (1) full year. Additionally, the amount of any check plus any bank fees must be paid by the check’s issuing party.A family that is having financial problems may request relief from these rules based on the Troop Committee review of the situation. The Troop Committee will then make a determination as to what help may be needed to maintain a Scout’s current status, and then modify the financial requirements to meet the family’s situation. Each situation will be reviewed independently of all other situations.An annual audit of the Troop Treasury will be performed by two Committee Members appointed by the Troop Committee, neither being the Troop Treasurer.

5. Insurance

Scouts and Scouters of Troop 295 will at all times be covered by a Group Accident Policy purchased by the Troop and no activity will be scheduled at any time that such a policy is not in effect.

6. Activities

The Scoutmaster will be responsible for the scheduling of all activities of the Troop. It is essential that a minimum of at least two (2) Youth Protection Trained adults above the age of 21 be present at all Troop outings and activities. Activities may be scheduled by the Scoutmaster at any time convenient to them with the approval of the Troop Committee. Troop participation is any District, Council, Regional, or National Boy Scout activity shall be at the discretion of the Scoutmaster with arrival and departure times set by the Scoutmaster.Courts if Honor are to be held three (3) times per year as a minimum. All awards are to be presented as soon as possible after a boy becomes qualified for the respective award. Awards previously presented will be recognized at the next Court of Honor. A Mother’s Pin will be presented for each Rank Advancement.Tour permits shall be filed before every Troop activity for which a permit is required. A money earning application shall be filed with the District office as required by BSA policy.The Scoutmaster may set requirements for eligibility to participate with the Troop in any Troop activity. Scouts not adhering to the Code of Conduct and the Troop Discipline Policy are not eligible to participate in any Troop activity until the Scoutmaster approval is received.

7. Acceptance of New Members

New Boys must visit the Troop meeting for three (3) meetings. A Parent must accompany the boy to all of the three (3) meetings. Transfer applications are to be submitted to the Troop Committee for approval on an individual basis. Every Scout must read and sign the Troop Code of Conduct, Discipline Policy, and Scout Account Statement. The Scout’s Parent(s) must complete the Consent to Treat a Minor form. A Permission to use Firearms form must also be signed to allow the Scout to participate in any activity which will be identified that firearms will be used during the activity. No Scout will be allowed to participate in any activities if the required forms are not properly completed and on file with the Troop.

8. Dropping Inactive Members

A boy may remain a fully credited member of Troop 295 as long as he takes part in regularly scheduled activities of the Troop. Any time a Scout misses three (3) consecutive regularly-scheduled meetings, or three (3) regularly scheduled Troop activities or events, without just cause or parental explanation as deemed acceptable to the Troop Committee or Scoutmaster, the boy will be placed on the inactive list. Anytime a boy is delinquent for two months of dues he will be placed on the inactive list. A boy on the inactive list may not be allowed to participate with the Troop in any activity connected with the scouting program or advance in Rank.A Scout on the inactive list may be made current by paying his dues to and including the present date, and attending eight (8) consecutive meetings.

9. Termination for Misconduct

Any Boy who violates the Code of Conduct or does not follow the Discipline Policy will be reprimanded by the Scoutmaster and reported to the Scout’s Parent(s). Termination for misconduct shall be in accordance with the Troop’s Discipline Policy.


10. Committee Meetings

The Troop Committee is to meet regularly on the fourth Monday of each month at 7:00 PM, subject to change upon vote of the Troop Committee. The Troop Committee Chairperson may call an emergency meeting of all committee members if he/she feels such a meeting is necessary. A Quorum consisting of five (5) members of the committee may do the same.

11. Parent Responsibility

Parental support is necessary to provide for activities such as campouts, fund-raisers, and service projects. Parents will be required to furnish transportation and adult supervision on Troop activities as needed. Parents are encouraged to attend regularly scheduled Troop meetings and expected to attend Court of Honor ceremonies.

12. Effective Limits of Bylaws

These Bylaws shall become effective on the acceptance date noted below and shall remain in effect as long as Troop 295 remains chartered by the BSA, or until amended by a two thirds vote of the Troop Committee members in attendance at the Troop Committee meeting as of the date on these Bylaws. The Bylaws shall be subject for review by the Troop Committee every two (2) years from the last date amended or approved as identified below.Accepted and Agreed to this 23rd Day of the Month of November, in the Year 1998. As amended on Pages 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, and 7.

A signatory list follows on the adopted document.