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Eagle Scout Candidate Guidelines

Boy Scouts and their Parents should be mindful that the Eagle Scout process generally takes six (6) months to one (1) year to complete.  Becoming an Eagle Scout is more than just fulfilling requirements.  To that end, The Parent Committee of Troop 295 has prepared the following Guidelines, in hopes of making the process work effectively.

1. Communication

The Eagle Scout candidate is responsible for all aspects of the project, most importantly, keeping his parents and leaders fully informed.

2. Participation

The Eagle Scout candidate must be active and participate in the troop, for a period of 6 months prior to submitting an Eagle proposal to the Troop Committee.  (Please refer to Section 8 of the Troop By-Laws).

The Eagle Scout candidate, as an example to other scouts, is expected to be in proper uniform at every meeting and outing.

Each Eagle Scout candidate is expected to attend the District “Life to Eagle” Scout workshop with his parents.

In order to understand the process and what is expected from their Scout, Parents of the Eagle Scout candidate must participate in the troop and its activities in order for their Scout to move through the process effectively.

The Eagle Scout candidate must have at least one parent/guardian participating in the Parent Committee meetings each month for at least (6 months), prior to submitting an Eagle Scout proposal.

The Eagle Scout candidate will be expected to make a commitment to remain active in the Troop for a period of one (1) year after attaining rank of Eagle Scout.

3. Leadership

The Eagle Scout candidate must demonstrate leadership and maturity. 

The Eagle Scout candidate must select a project that meets the requirements set forth by the Boy Scouts of America Local District Office (Orange Frontier), and be appropriate for his age and level of maturity.  Scouts should consult their Scoutmaster and Advancement Chairperson for advice.  Guidance from these adults should be taken seriously.


4. Project Submittal, Approval and Appeals

The Eagle Scout candidate must follow a chain of approval for his Eagle Project.  Circumventing a leader, or the approval process itself, can result in delay or cancellation of the project by the Parent Committee.

At least one parent/guardian of the Eagle Scout candidate should be present at a minimum of one of the planning/approval meetings with the Scoutmaster and the Advancement Chairperson prior to submission of his proposal to the Parent Committee.

The Eagle Scout candidate must be aware some projects may be rejected by the Troop Committee and/or the Troop’s adult leaders.  Proper respect must be afforded the adults who make such decisions.

If a Candidate’s concept for a Project is rejected by the Troop Adult Leadership, or if the Scout’s conduct in the Troop is deemed by the Troop’s adult leaders to be less than expected for an Eagle Scout candidate, the Scout has the right to appeal to the Parent Committee for final determination.


Troop 295 Parent Committee

Eagle Scout Candidate Subcommittee



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