Garrett's Eagle Scout Project

This is MY coffee and you can have any!!!

These boards need to be cut...

This job is hard, lets see if we can't find some Boy Scouts to do it!!!

Gee I really need that thumb...

Synchronized drilling!!!!

Synchronized sanding!!!

OK guys please try to miss my thumb!!!

Hey don't drip on the floor!!!!

Carl do you know what your doing??

OK guys put that over there!!!

Snack time!!!!

How to keep a bunch of Boy Scouts occupied!!!

It works on adults too!!!!

I have a blister how about you?

I hope I am not missing lunch....

Pizza for lunch.

Carl watch out for your thumb!!!

Maybe he should stick to supervising!!!!

Hey don't paint Gary's hand to the board!!!

How many troop members does it take to paint a bird house??

Safety personnel

A tired but proud mom at the end of the day!!!!

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